Consorzio Piemonte Obertengo was created in the month of June 1999 by seventeen signatory agricultural holdings representing the total number of Curone, Grue and Ossona valley quality wine producers in the province of Alessandria.

The aim of the Consortium, created on a non-profit basis, can be briefly described as follows:

  • To protect, promote, organize and stimulate production and marketing activities of wines as well as of “wine-growing” materials and equipments, in correlation with the intervention programs of Piedmont Region, Provincial Administration, Upland Authority Association and transnational entities.
  • To comply with the quality standards and the disciplinary proceedings set by the European Union.
  • To stimulate the circulation and the promotion of Consortium members’ products.
  • To promote and organize training courses and activities in order to highlight the sources of each agricultural holding.

As far as this is concerned, in the last years the Consortium undertook initiatives for social, promotional and communication purposes, and purchased equipments for shared use by Consortium members (such as, for example, the isobaric machine for the production of lively wines, the bottling machine for front and back labels, the nitrogen generator etc.), with important investments and excellent results for this sector qualitative growth, and attention paid to the homogeneity of the products offered and sold.

To date, the number of Consortium members increased and several applications of admission are under discussion. Consortium members own a total surface of about 250 hectares and put on the market about 500.000 bottles, almost entirely having a “registered designation of origin” and constant high quality, devoting themselves in particular to autochthonous vineyards.