The Consortium has planned and started important projects, to be entered into with local institutions, in particular with the Alessandria Province and the Upland Authority Association, that have always backed our initiatives, and last but not least Piedmont Region.

Among our projects in progress, we emphasize:

  • Increase of communication, both at national and international level, of a territory with promising development for the tourist and accommodation sector in the coming years. Many important people in fact were born here, such as Perosi, Girardengo, Coppi, Saint Luigi Orione, Pellizza da Volpedo; mention should also be made to the predictable increase in quality production (white and black truffles, cheeses, fruits and, obviously, quality wines).
  • Partnership in the commemoration for the 100 years anniversary of the death of the painter Pellizza da Volpedo.
  • Selection of a “Representative” able to distinguish the viticultural product linked to the territory.
  • Feasibility study of a project for the creation of a Regional Wine Shop inside a historic and valuable building of this area
  • Entry of new members from the valleys for Consortium structure consolidation.
  • Adhesion to “Valli del Giarolo” second-level Consortium and undertaking of an operational role in the structure, in order to have strong connections with the other typical products of our territory.
  • Development and strengthening of the already existing relationships with the Consortium for the Protection.
  • Collaboration with Alessandria and Asti City Milk Plant, in order to enhance our territory and its products.
  • Beginning of “Il Viatico” project for the creation of a collaboration with local restaurants, with average-low cost restaurants as well, that until today were almost left aside by Consortium members.
  • Implementation of the new integrated supply chain project for “Timorasso”, started with the adhesion to the relevant notice of competition.
  • Support of the initiative that led to the recognition of “Timorasso” D.O.C. and of “Monleale” D.O.C., and of the actions necessary to change the D.O.C. with the name of “Derthona Timorasso” and the extension of the geographical area to the municipalities that are the natural places for this wine production.