Bonarda di Rovescala or simply Bonarda (in the Oltrepò Pavese and in some areas of Piedmont), Crovattina, Uva (or “Uga”) del zio. Croatina must not be mistakened for (Piedmontese) Bonarda, neither for Crova, the name used by some people to indicate the Lambrusca of Alessandria.

Geographical distribution

Area of Alessandria (in particular, Tortona Hills).

Shoot: the apex is scarcely bloomy, green-whitish coloured with few pink shades. The upper small leaves (from 1 to 3) are folded as a cup, green-whitish with bronze shades, bloomy in the lowest part. The bottom small leaves (4-5) are folded as a cup, green-bronzish coloured, bloomy in the lowest part. The herbaceous shoot shows clear dark pink streaks on the back half.
Adult leaf: average or average-small size, pentagonal, trilobed or five-lobed; lobes have sharp ends: lateral lobes are divergent, the middle lobe is often elongated; V-shaped open petiolar sinus (in flat leaves); narrow upper lateral sinuses, U+V bottom, in some cases with a small tooth; V-shaped lower lateral sinuses. Smooth surface leaf blade (or averagely bullous in some clones), definitely folded as a cup, green with pink-coloured veins in the lowest part. Averagely prominent teeth, with a narrow base and margins that are concave on one side and convex on the other side. Lower leaf surface is covered with down from arachnoid to bloomy, typically velvety to the touch.
Ripe bunch: usually large, pyramidal and winged, elongated shape, on average with a few berries; average length stalk, green coloured like the rachis.
Grape berry: average size (2,3 g), short and ellipsoidal (d.e./d.l.= 0,95), with solid pruinose skin, dark blue coloured.

Please note: Croatina shows intravarietal variability, evident in plant vigour, in leaf size and furriness, but above all in the size of bunches and berries. Once, a distinction was made between large Croatina and small Croatina.


Budding: average-late or late (third ten days of April).
Flowering: average period (between the first and the second ten days of June).
Onset of ripening: average period (second ten days of August).
Grape ripening period: average-late (first ten days of October).