In Piedmont region it is widely cultivated in the province of Asti, on the right bank of Tanaro river and in the province of Alessandria, particularly in the area of Novi Ligure (Gavi) and Tortona, but you can find it also in the province of Cuneo and in Belbo lower valley. It is also grown in the Oltrepò Pavese, in the western part of Veneto region and, occasionally, also in other Italian regions and overseas.


Its origins go back to Piedmont region; it is widely cultivated in the area of Gavi (the only DOCG GAVI wine varietal) and Tortona.

Ampelographic description

The shoot and the apex are open and expanded, green-yellow coloured; the leaf is large and five-lobed, light green and serrated. The bunch is average large size, pyramidal and with an average quantity of berries; the berry is oval and golden coloured.


Budding period: average, half April

Flowering period: average, beginning of May

Onset of ripening: average, half August

Grape ripening period
: average, around September 25th

Agronomic and growing attitudes

Plant growth habit: upright

Plant vigour: plentiful

Production per vine-stock: excellent and constant, 8 kg/vine-stock

Bunch average weight: 500 g

Environmental concerns

It is appropriate for different kinds of soil, as long as they are not damp and too fertile; it is excellent for hill productions. It is suitable for different types of training and pruning, it necessitates wise green pruning with good arrangement of stalks.

Susceptibility to diseases

Slightly sensitive to botrytis.